Everyone knows that BBQ

sauce can be a spiritual

experience and at Uncle Lucky's

table you get the taste

that transcends!

At our table, we’re all
about the good stuff.

That’s why we handcraft each bottle of Uncle Lucky’s BBQ Nirvana sauce with all natural, gluten-free and top-tier ingredients. Only the good stuff comes in so that the good flavors can come out. No high-fructose corn syrup and highly processed ingredients at our table.

Enjoy Uncle
Lucky's BBQ
Nirvana Sauce.

Our unique blend of natural ingredients delivers a slow pouring sauce that creates a sensory experience of spicy heat and sweetness that discerning grill masters describe as "nirvana" in the universe of BBQ cuisine. Perfect for grilling, smoking, slathering, or dipping.

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The magic of
Uncle Lucky’s in your home.

Born from a little bit of curiosity, a lifetime of mastery,
and a passion for outdoor cooking that dates back to,
well, what seems like a lifetime ago.

Meet uncle lucky

"Although it doesn’t taste like BBQ sauce, it sure makes the best chicken BBQ I’ve ever made. It’s like BBQ sauce reimagined."

- Dan M.

"Nirvana Sauce checks all the boxes for my family, especially being made from all natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives; the fact that it’s gluten-free is a bonus!"

- Andrea McD.

"I finally understood BBQ nirvana when I tossed fresh jumbo shrimp with Nirvana Sauce, then lightly grilled them to a juicy succulent BBQ experience. Brilliant!!"

- Jenny C.

Try Your Luck At Some Of Our Favorite Recipes

Get lucky with some of our favorite recipes from our community and those passed down from Uncle Lucky's kitchen.


Ready to find your
path to BBQ enlightenment?

You’re in the right place to find your path now.

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