A Little About Us

Uncle Lucky has been making BBQ Nirvana Sauce for family and friends for over thirty years. The early years were marked by constant refinement of the ingredients that led to the crafted recipe enjoyed today.

As Uncle Lucky's family grew and backyard Barbeque events became bigger gatherings for extended family and friends, it became apparent his homemade BBQ sauce took on a character and reputation that seemed almost Legendary. Family friends would rave about the delicious grill dishes of ribs, chicken, shrimp and other favorites prepared with his sauce as being "nirvana like" experiences in culinary delight. As the years passed and Barbeque gatherings continued to grow, the conversation at his backyard cookouts and his "transcendent sauce" continued to grow.

Following years of requests from his grown children, cousins and friends asking Uncle Lucky to provide jars of "extra sauce," and the prospect that his golden retirement years might be defined by playing truly horrid golf, Uncle Lucky began his business preparing small batch commercial production of his beloved sauce.

Today, he feels blessed to have a business enabling him to share his beloved Nirvana Sauce with a broader community and pursue the higher calling of helping people find their path to BBQ enlightenment.

We hope you enjoy serving your own family and friends Uncle Lucky's transcendent sauce!